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PK-96 & WISP

Think I asked about this before...which TNC setup to use.
Several said TNC-2 and a couple said PK-232.  WISP seems
to talk to  PK-96 with TNC-2 setup and not PK-232.

Question, which light should be blinking when receiving the
bird, such as KO-25?

I'm just trying to receive with an ICOM FT-90R...just trying to
setup WISP again.  Should I be able to receive characters, etc?

I have used this before with FT--847 and it seemed to be that
both the DCD and XMT LEDS blinked together when receiving
signals.  Anyone know about this?

Don't have the FT-847 any longer, and am trying to decide on
another rig, ICOM 910, etc., but wanted to have WIST working
before I make a choice.

Someone set me straight...it's amazing what one can forget after
age 60.

tnx, de Bill, N4DH

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