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Re: CI-V

At 11:09 AM 1/23/2001 -0800, Steve Rubin wrote:
> > With your new IC-910 none of this has any relevance.
>So all I need for the IC-910 is the right cable then?  (1/8" to DB9) ?


No. Apparently I made a mistake. I just looked at the IC-910 specifications 
and they still list the CT-17 level converter as an option.

So you will need it, at an outrageous price, or build one as has been 
mentioned on the amsat-bb, the ARRL handbook and other places.

It is hard to believe how ICOM can be so out of touch with the market. In 
their defense, one feature of the CI-V system is that with the CT-17 box 
you can connect several radios in parallel, using an 1/8 inch cable from 
each radio to the CT-17, and then one DB-25 to DB-9 PC cable to the 
computer. One of the features of the CI-V system is that each radio has an 
individual address. My comment though is how many people ever do that. For 
another couple of bucks they could have provided both an 1/8 inch TTL level 
jack and a DB-9 RS-232 connector for direct cable to a PC.

ron w8gus.
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