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CI-V question

Steve, KD3NC bought a new IC-910 and wondered why people talk about
a 'CI-V interface'.


Regarding your question on CI-V. There is some confusion here between the 
CI-V itself and the need for a level converter from TTL to RS-232. For a 
long time ICOM and other manufacturers provided only a serial TTL 
interface. Finally due to the wide availability of the Maxim MAX232 IC the 
manufacturers are incorporating it into their radios so that you only need 
a cable for a direct connection to a PC.

ICOM converted from what they called CI-IV to CI-V a long time ago. Around 
the time of the first introduction of the CI-V, they offered a converter 
from CI-IV to CI-V for some of their older radios. This was much more than 
a level converter. I guess you could call it a protocol converter. In 
amateur satellite work a lot of folks still have the IC-271/471 radios 
which used the CI-IV or the optional CI-V converter board. A lot of these 
radios were originally sold without the converter board, called a UX-14. It 
is no longer available from ICOM. There recently have been a couple of 
posts indicating that at least two different groups are trying to design a 
UX-14 replacement. Incidentally a radio with a UX-14 still requires a level 
converter for direct connection to a PC.

With your new IC-910 none of this has any relevance.

73, ron w8gus. 
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