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Re: Drake 2880 Downconverter Purchase - Update

Hi Doug:

I am very sorry to hear about your problems with International.  My last
purchase from them was three crystals for 10 GHz. transverters and a beacon,
and 4 crystals for Drake 2880's.  They were well within tolerance.

It sounds like you order a lot more crystals than I do.  International has
been the "standard" in the industry for many years.  I hope that your
experience is not an indication that they have forgotten what good quality
control is.



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> Woody wrote:
> >
> > Hi Mark:
> >
> > When it come to crystals, you get what you pay for.  JAN crystals are
> > They are no where near the quality of International Crystals.  In more
> > 32 years of repairing electronics equipment, I have never had to replace
> > crystal from International.
> I used to be able to say that too Woody ( I used to swear by them ) ,
> unfortunately as of late even Internationals imaged has some tarnish on it
, I
> for one , will no longer buy from International ( though I did buy the
> conv. xtal from them a year ago ) as their quality control has gone down
> tube , though they are still better than Jan , I had a half dozen channel
> elements sent to them for recompensation over a years period and they all
> up going back to them for bad xtals or instability , also we buy a number
> xtals for pagers ( hundreds ) and gave up on Intnl. because of the high
> rate we were getting relative to price ....
> For the last 4 years we have been buying from West Crystal up in Kelowna
BC and
> have had  excellent luck with them , in fact I have not had to replace one
> pager xtal from them and all the channel elements I have sent them are
> chugging along .....
> So not to shoot you down Woody , just to put some perspective on it , some
of my
> other buddies are feeling the same about Intnl. but really you folks
should use
> what works best for you , I for one am going to stick with West Crystal ,
> nice folks , you can even talk to their tech's and give em input on what
> the xtal will be operating in to help out..
> just my two pennies
> tink ,  tink  .........
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