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Agreed ... MIR was a remarkable project .. not accident prone

I agree with Tony Hutchinson.  The characterization of Mir as an accident
prone space station is (in my opinion) unfair.  The occupants did have to
fix things and there were accidents;  but to label the station as 'accident
prone' is to ignore the fact that it has been up there 15 years and expanded
man's knowledge of living in space.   If there were no unplanned events
(accidents, breakdowns etc) we wouldn't have learned how to live under those
conditions.  I may not be expressing this clearly but I feel that the Mir
designers, builders, maintainers, occupants, controllers and everyone
associated with it should be proud of what they accomplished. 

Well done to the MIR project family.

Steve Brockwell  KC5TTY (not associated with MIR, never talked to it or
listened to it.  Just admired the project)
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