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Re: First Contact!

Hi Paul,

Congratulations on your progress.

You do not need to do the registry mods for UO-22. Take them out as they may
even be counter-productive. The registry changes are only required for the
two current 38k4 downlink birds from the Surrey stable, UO-36 and
TiungSat-1. These are the only two satellites that respond to the
"switch-on" command. The others are all (normally) switched on continuously.
Do the registry mods for those two satellites ONLY and take them out if you
have put them into any of the other satellite registry sections.

The Relevent data for the current 9600 / 38k4 digital birds is as follows:

Be careful to avoid errors like letter O instead of zero or letter I instead
of number one.

B/C callsign = HL01-11   (HL zero one minus eleven, no spaces)
BBS callsign = HL01-12
Fup = 145.850
Fdn = 437.177

B/C callsign = HL02-11
BBS callsign = HL02-12
Fup = 145.980
Fdn = 436.503

B/C callsign = UOSAT5-11
BBS callsign = UOSAT5-12
Fup = 145.970
Fdn = 435.122

B/C callsign = UO121-11
BBS callsign = UO121-12
Fup = 145.960
Fdn = 437.400

B/C callsign = MYSAT3-11
BBS callsign = MYSAT3-12
Fup = 145.85
Fdn = 437.327

B/C callsign = TMSAT1-11
BBS callsign = TMSAT1-12
Fup = 145.925
Fdn = 436.927

Those are the settings straight out of my WiSP setup screens. Most, if not
all of the information can be found by poking about on the AMSAT-UK or
AMSAT-NA web sites.
Since all these satellites had their origins in the University of Surrey,
the AMSAT-UK site would be a good place to start.

Hope this helps,


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