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Re: Drake 2880 Downconverter Purchase - Update

Hi Mark:

When it come to crystals, you get what you pay for.  JAN crystals are trash.
They are no where near the quality of International Crystals.  In more than
32 years of repairing electronics equipment, I have never had to replace a
crystal from International.  I have replaced many crystals from JAN, and
other companies.  It is not uncommon to hear of people having to get
crystals remade by JAN because they would not tune to the correct frequency.
International Crystal has the correct spec. on-file for the Drake 2880

When you order crystals, be aware that the info about crystal ordering data
that was published in QST is incorrect, and will result in the LO being off
frequency.  The crystal data that is on the websites for modifying the Drake
2880 is correct.



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> Hi Folks,
> I'm broke and my money is on it's way to Japan! My bank sent a wire to
> an International Bank and the IB tells my bank the transaction should
> happen any time in the next day or two. (what's the point of a wire
> then?)I'm still waiting for a rate confirmation from the import
> specialist at customs. They told me to expect a rate between .014% and
> .040%.
> Many of you have mentioned crystals. I can buy them just as cheap in
> here in the states from my research. The only trouble is delivery time.
> JAN Crystal can have them made and delivered in 5 weeks for about half
> the price of anyone else. They're $13 each if we want them in a hurry
> and less than half if we can wait. If you can't wait, contact
> http://www.jancrystals.com and order direct. (there's a $20 minimum)
> I have a website to take downconverter orders. Buyers will be able to
> pay with a Credit Card through Paypal. It's ready with the exception of
> the price. Once I get the cost of duty nailed down, I'll post a link on
> the BB for orders and I'll send an email to those of you that have sent
> private emails.
> Thanks to all of you for the kind words. This is turning out to be a
> learning experience for me! I haven't done anything crazy for a while so
> going through all of this is kinda fun.
> Best wishes,
> Mark Fossum - N0NSV
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