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Re: Drake 2880 Downconverter Purchase - Update

I've had good luck with Sentry Crystals (even cheaper than JAN on what I

I'm not affiliated just a happy customer.

Sentry Manufacturing Co.
1201 Crystal Park
Chickasha, OK 73081
(405) 224-6780

(No known web or email)


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> Many of you have mentioned crystals. I can buy them just as cheap in
> here in the states from my research. The only trouble is delivery time.
> JAN Crystal can have them made and delivered in 5 weeks for about half
> the price of anyone else. They're $13 each if we want them in a hurry
> and less than half if we can wait. If you can't wait, contact
> http://www.jancrystals.com and order direct. (there's a $20 minimum)
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