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Re: 2001 ARRL Handbook ($8) donate it to your library or local club !

Grant Zehr wrote:
> I'd like to challenge everyone who reads this BBS regularly to go to Barnes and
> Noble, purchase an extra copy of the 2001 ARRL Handbook and present it to a Jr.
> High or High school student who has a interest in amateur radio or computers.
> At $8 you can afford it and who knows, you might be getting some youngster off
> to a great start in a new hobby (or career!).
> I bought two copies and shipped the second off to a young man in Missouri.

Great idea grant , I just wish that our local B&N would actually carry such
things , they really are a bad thing for us small towns as they come in and kill
all the small ma and pa bookshops that would have been more than happy to help
me , whereas when I went to B&N ( big nothing is what that must stand for ) the
fellow didn't even know what "radio electronics " ( "you mean cellphones ?" were
his words) was , letalone where to find it :^P , after some checking we decided
that they didn't carry any electronic books of any kind !

I for one wish B&N would have stayed east of the missus-pippie , but you still
have a good idea Grant, I just wish I could do that , another idea is to donate
one to your local library as they are not getting as much funding any more
because some people think libraries are a socialist idea and should be closed (
we got some crazy folks in our neck of the woods ) so that is usually what I do
is donate books to my local library .....

anyway my two cents plus a little personal axe grinding ;^}

Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
"never go to bed angry , or on fire "
Gomez : the Addams Family.....
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