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First Contact!

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Bill Magnusson wrote:

> You need to add some stuff to the registry (very carefully).


> Hope this helps.

Bill and all! Many thanks!

Boy! Did it ever! I made my first contact (of sorts) with UO-22. In the
MSPE window I saw the message(s): Frames heard from UOSAT5-11. At the
bottom of the window I noticed the T: value increase to somewhere just
over 45000. I also see the "Requesting transmitter switch-on" message.

In view directory there is nothing showing. What exactly did I receive

Also, what should I have the BROADCAST, BBS and NUP callsigns set as for
each satellite? I have these set as my callsign, which is probably wrong.
Is there a listing of the satellite callsigns somewhere?

Thanks for bearing with my NEWBIE questions, it is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

Paul Delaney

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