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RE: Soundcard decoder software

Hi Charlie,

I'm using a G3RUH design 60cm dish with a down east microwave 2.4GHz preamp
mounted at the helix feed, and a mast-mount SSB UEK-3000SAT 70cm IF about
6ft away on the 13ft pole, ... then about 30ft Belden 9913 to shack and
IC-970 rig, ... Tracking software - The Station Program v1, ... I have line
of sight to the Atlantic in 360 degrees so if it is there I should hear it!

What comparisons have you made so far between the programs? What is good
what is bad, ... my main aim is to get all the programs as good as hardware
AND logging in AMSAT archive format! Anything extra is bonus!

Paul, VP9MU

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Very interested in your side by side comparisons of the RUH modem and the
ao40rcv software.  I have been experimenting here with the three different
soundcard programs I have found so far, including the ao40rcv.   RX system
is 10ft dish (but with linear pol at the moment) and 1.0dB system NF (some
cable ahead of the preamp).

Please keep the observations coming!


Charlie G3WDG
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