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Quad Pod Mount

David Tipton wrote:

There is a strong possibility that I'm going to be moving.  I may not be
able to put a tower up in the new location, however, at field day the last
few years, the satellite stations have this quad-pod ground mount.  It's no
more than 5 or 6 feet tall, and usually solid.

Wayne replies:

If you you don't have giant antennas, you could use a 5-foot tripod of the
type that is sold by Amateur Electronic Supply for $30.  It is much more
rugged and rust-resistant than the 3 foot tripod sold at Radio Shack.  It's
not well suited to putting a thrust bearing on the top, but with small
antennas you probably don't need a thrust bearing.  Just put the Az-El
rotors on top of the pole.  I have used a 5 foot tripod on the roof for 5
years for my 14 element 2m and 30 element 70cm circular polarized yagis.

My mast is a 6 foot section of 1.25 inch EMT electrical conduit which costs
$4 per 10-foot section at the local home improvement store.  The outside
diameter is about 1.5 inches, which barely fits in the clamps of my Orbit
360 TV rotors.  Mounted in the tripod, the bottom of the mast is 2 feet
above the peak of the roof which puts the antennas out of my reach.  To work
on the antennas or rotors I loosen the clamps in the tripod and lower the
mast to the roof level.  Then I can easily reach the antennas.
Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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