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G3RUH Hardware Demod Mk II vs AO40RCV test

Hi All,

This morning I ran both the AO40RCV software demodulator and my G3RUH
Hardware demodulator at the same time from the same audio source, .... the
hardware won by only 3 CRCC OK blocks!

Total scores:
AO40RCV: 45 CRCC OK out of 115 received
G3RUH: 48 CRCC OK out of 121 received

The usual post-perigee pass is good at start, then 2 MAs of spin mod, the
good again

Both were neck and neck until the 2MAs pf spin mod, ... when the good
signals started again the G3RUH was back with CRCC OK, but AO40RCV didn't
get any, ... then I went to work so didn't get the end of the pass, ... so
this is not a totally conclusive test, ... I would expect DSP to work best
under noise conditions, ... like MA20 onwards! That test to come.

I was unable to listen passed MA13 because I had to go to work, ... but
shows there is very little difference between top end hardware and Moe's
AO40RCV software solution.

I will continue to test both side by side for a while to see if either one
can be optimized either by audio level, audio tone, method of staying on
frequency etc.

If your software decoder doesn't write log files in the AMSAT Archive
format, then try out Moe's program as it is 100% compatible with archive,
and works great! You can find the download link on the telemetry page on

Paul, VP9MU

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