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RE: Quad Pod Mount


I used a Glenn Martin quad pod for my satellite antenna system.  I purchased
a 4.5' RT-424 ($164) and a TB-25 ($90) thrust bearing from them.  I'm using
it to support m^2 2m & 70cm satellite antennas and an R. Myers 2.4GHz dish
along with a 20' 2-inch OD mast.  I mounted the quad pod to a home made
tilt-over base which is secured into the ground with four concrete pads. It
is very sturdy and has withstood 70MPH winds with no problems.

This was also intended to be a "temporary" installation so when I dug the
holes with a posthole digger, I went a little bit deeper than I had to.
This is so I could leave several inches of dirt above the pads when I poured
my concrete into the holes.  My thinking being that all I had to do was
unbolt the mounting from the J-bolts, cut off the excess J-bolts flush with
the concrete pad, and cover it with dirt.  Nobody would be the wiser and
there's no concrete to remove.

As far as antenna tinkering, I unbolt a few bolts and tilt it over by hand
and set it on a saw horse.  I never have to leave the ground!

I looked at other tripods and quad pods and from what I remember, the GM was
the most bang for the buck.  It is excellent quality and went together in
about 30 mins. (No affiliation with Glenn Martin, just a satisfied

Here is their website: http://www.glenmartin.com/catalog/page14.html
Here are some other sites that may be of interest:
http://www.antennasystems.com/ (tripods/supports)
http://www.harbach.com/ (Stainless steel saddle clamps, other antenna
http://www.rohnnet.com/index.htm (Rohn towers and accessories)

If you want any further details let me know.

Good luck,
Tim - K3TZ

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There is a strong possibility that I'm going to be moving.  I may not be
able to put a tower up in the new location, however, at field day the last
few years, the satellite stations have this quad-pod ground mount.  It's no
more than 5 or 6 feet tall, and usually solid.

Is this a Glenn Martin product or does someone else sell these?  How much
do they run?  I am planning to rent a house in the new location, and I
figure this would be a good compromise.  Set them in the back yard and go
too it.  Not to mention, who wouldn't mind doing all Antenna maintenance
while standing firmly on the ground or at worst, a foot stool??


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