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Re: Personal replies via the BB

Hi Steve,

Required? A bit strong. Good form? Usually yes.

If a question is asked publicly - and a request is not made for private
repossess (as it might be for an OT question) - it IS considered bad
form to reply in private only. However, it is often done that the
private reply will contain more info, or more detail than the public
reply. (BTW - this reply meets this one)

Another measure of whether to reply privatly or not, is whether the
topic is valid for that group or not. Since 'the question' in question
here was asked in relation to satalite operations it is 'on topic' for
this reflector. As such, it meets a 2nd criteria for public reply. (But,
this reply dosen't meet this one - oh well)

If you don't want to follow a conversation/thread - that's what filters
are for. If your choice of software won't allow filters (does AOL 5.0? I
don't think so), there's always delete. If the topic of the group is too
general (you're looking for something more specific), then subscribe to
such a group - if it doesn't exist, create it. The whole point is

Of course, this is all just IMO. And as usual, YMMV - usually depending
on the atmosphere of the group. Being a bit new to this reflector, it
could be that my 'general' ideas don't apply here at all. Comments?


T5z4@aol.com wrote:
> I'm just wondering, is it required or considered normal practice to include
> or CC the list here with every otherwise personal reply...ei, Scott's "HT
> recommendation."  

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