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RE: 2.4 gHzCordless Phones

So is the "pop" sound a sonic shockwave produced by the lasing of the
wiener?  Cool!  You get a similar effect when you hit an electrolytic
capacitor with AC.

Kevin, WB5RUE

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> > I have heard some speculate that the reason you have to
> punch holes in the
> > hot dogs is to allow the waves to escape.  It seems that
> the shape and
> > diamater of the wiener acts as a waveguide trapping the RF
> until it reaches
> > a critical level causing the hot dog to explode!  This was
> never a problem
> > with 900mhz ovens because the waves were to long to be
> trapped inside the
> > wieners.
> No, it doesn't explode; after all the pumping by the RF 2.4GHz energy,
> the hot dog eventually lases, and that's what bonds all that
> stuff to the
> inside of your microwave oven.  Sure, you can use a ruby to build a
> laser, but it's no good when it's time to have lunch.
> louie
> wa3ymh
> .

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