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Re: Quad Pod Mount

>From: "David M. Tipton, PhD" <tiptond@dnrconsulting.com>
>There is a strong possibility that I'm going to be moving.  I may not be 
>able to put a tower up in the new location, however, at field day the last 
>few years, the satellite stations have this quad-pod ground mount.  It's no 
>more than 5 or 6 feet tall, and usually solid.
>Is this a Glenn Martin product or does someone else sell these?  How much 
>do they run?  I am planning to rent a house in the new location, and I 
>figure this would be a good compromise.  Set them in the back yard and go 
>too it.  Not to mention, who wouldn't mind doing all Antenna maintenance 
>while standing firmly on the ground or at worst, a foot stool??


Your approach, mounting on a tripod near the ground, is reasonable if
nearby objects like trees and neighbor buildings don't block the lower
elevation angles too much.  Get a small four foot step ladder instead of
that stool :-)

I recently changed my mind and approach to putting up some of my antennas.
I am fortunate (?) to have a flat roof, so I decided to mount my 432-450
MHz M2 satellite antenna on a small tripod on the roof.  I had previously
planned to mount it inside my four 2m eme antennas, but advise from
experienced moonbouncers "that the 432 antenna would disturb the
pattern-performance of the 2m array" persuaded me to look for an alternative.

I bought a small tripod tower from Radio Shack with the idea of trailer
mounting a 2m-70cm satellite antenna system.  Haven't acquired the trailer,
yet.   The tripod , which ran ~$30, may be a bit small for your purposes.
I just couldn't see spending hundreds of bucks for a "Glen Martin" tripod
tower when a nice used Rohn tower could be bought for like money!  I
believe that Rohn makes tripod towers, too.

As usual, a long answer to a short question! ;-)


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