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Re: 2.4 gHzCordless Phones

> I have heard some speculate that the reason you have to punch holes in the
> hot dogs is to allow the waves to escape.  It seems that the shape and
> diamater of the wiener acts as a waveguide trapping the RF until it reaches
> a critical level causing the hot dog to explode!  This was never a problem
> with 900mhz ovens because the waves were to long to be trapped inside the
> wieners.

No, it doesn't explode; after all the pumping by the RF 2.4GHz energy,
the hot dog eventually lases, and that's what bonds all that stuff to the
inside of your microwave oven.  Sure, you can use a ruby to build a
laser, but it's no good when it's time to have lunch.


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