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Re: transistors for FODTrack interface?, not a test

I use 2N4401 transistors in my FODTRACK interface but almost any general
purpose NPN transistor should work.  Incidentally I also use one of the
Gemini "Orbit 360" rotators for elevation here and I have a 22 element
cross yagi on an 18 foot boom for 2 meters and two 22 element antennas on
14 foot booms for 435.  The only problem I have had is that the pot gets
a little ragged at the low end after a year or so of use.

New subject - Big disappointment with the AO-40 pass Thursday morning. I
heard nothing, so after the pass I decided to look "under the hood" of my
Drake converter.  I found the front end of my converter fried.  I had 1
volt on both the source and the drain of the front end GASFET.  I opened
up my spare unit and it has 3.1 volts on the drain and .525 volts on the
source.  I'm not sure if I caused the failure or if it just happened.  I
think if failed here last Sunday morning.  I was receiving the satellite
weakly on the antenna with the ungrounded feed but when I switched to the
grounded feed antenna (which I had previously been receiving on) I heard
nothing.  It was cold and dry - good static electricity weather - during
the test.  I had the power on during the time I switched the cable and I
probably touched the feed point.  I will try again when I have converted
the spare 2880 and this time I will take more precautions..

73 de Jess - W4MVB
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