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Re: Personal replies via the BB

>I'm just wondering, is it required or considered normal practice to include
>or CC the list here with every otherwise personal reply...ei, Scott's "HT
>recommendation."  I replied directly and don't expect that I'll see my reply
>here on the board.  Yet, in no time at all the BB had filled up with replies
>to Scott's question.  I don't think everybody needs to know my opinion on
>what HT I recommend, do you?
Steve, I could not agree with you more!!!  I made a similar appeal a while 
and it fell on deaf ears.  I guess some of these dudes think that because 
it is of
importance to them it should be important to everyone.

There are obviously many items of general interest on here, and should be 
sent to all.
That is very good, but it should end there, and not info the bbs every time 
they sneeze!!

I use Eudora, and have about 20 users on my "erase without reading" list, 
but I guess
I'll just have to add some more.  I hate to do that because some of them 
come up with
some pretty thought provoking topics, but I will not get bogged down with 
all of
the garbage sent between users...

I'm breaking my very own rule, and I would appreciate comments DIRECTLY TO ME!!

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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