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Re: elevation screw jack

How about this:

A PIC-based microcontroller circuit that counts the pulses
and generates the correct analog voltage with a DAC.
A 16F863 or similar part would need only a few external resistors
to do everything, and the software would be pretty trivial.
The chip itself costs maybe $10.

Doug Braun

At 11:38 AM 1/20/01 , you wrote:
>Hi ,
>I've bought a elevation screw jack for a good price but i don't know
>how i should make a position readout that's accurate and analog .
>(so i can use it on a tracking interface that recognizes a zero to 5
>volts input)
>The elevation screw has a end and beginning contact and has a contact
>that gives pulses when turning the motor in or out.
>Any ideas???
>73 ON1DSE, jan                         mailto:cahill@dds.nl

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