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HT Recommendations

    I need to replace my HT.  What full duplex HTs are others using for
    satellite use?

I presume by full dupliex you mean dual VFO's (typ. meaning being able to
receive on two bands at once).  I have an Alinco DJ-G5TH and i find it
works very well.  When i first got it, i was working AO-27 with a long 
rubber using a chain link fence as a reflector (in a comparatively quiet 
RF area).  So it's got a sensitive receiver, a bit of a 'rabbit' in that
respect.  You can switch in a 6dB attenuation on receive if you end up
in a high RF area (like 'intermod alley' on I-80 in San Francisco), but
i rarely need to use it.  It will take 13.8V in (and transmits 7W).  The
negatives are that it doesn't do 9600 packet and in terms of terrestrial
operation, you can often hear stations that won't be able to hear you
because the receiver is so sensitive.

		     -- KD6PAG  (being inactive until i catch up on QSLs)
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