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Re: 2.4 gHzCordless Phones

>From: "Deon Erwin" <zr1dq@qsl.net>
>Talking about 2.4 GHz phones.  People are going crazy about 900 and 1800 MHz
>mobile phones and cancer, but they are quite happily using 2.4 GHz cordless

It is a bit crazy.  BTW early microwave ovens were built for ~900 MHz but
moved to 2.45 GHz because that frequency is more efficient for heating of
organic tissue [may have been an freq. allocation thing as well].  Anyone
notice the cable "ads" for a patch you put on your head that screens out
all that nasty cordless phone RF...unbelievable!  Now you can stop
smoking...for real. 

I guess if you use the 2.4G phone enough you might have sufficient exposure
to be concerned...but the phone bill would kill you faster!  I been
thinking of an experiment to see how long it would take to bake a potato
with my 2.4G spread spectrum phone.  Anyone having trouble with
telemarketers calling their oven? OK OK getting serious:

My understanding is that the 2.4G cordless is radiating only when off hook.
 When I get a Drake set up I'll be interested to see if there is
interference.  In my case the solution is simple...pull the plug on the phone!

Years ago we [NASA] experimented with oven Magnetrons and I seem to recall
that the power supplies were using avalanche diodes with little dc
filtering.  The voltage was around 3.5 kV on the anode.  If you switch a
high voltage like that at say half an amp there will be a fair amount RFI.
The "maggys" are putting out broad-band noise due to this.


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