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Drake 2880 Downconverter Purchase

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to give all of those interested in purchasing the Drake 2880
Downconverters a progress report. As you might expect, I have been
deluged with inquiries today. At this point, I've talked to customs
about duties, arranged for shipping, handled the details for a wire
transfer from my bank to Millicom via an international bank and received
answers to some of my questions from Millicom.

1. At this time I intend to import the 'unmodified' Drake 2880
Downconverter only. 

2. I have been told that crystals are available from domestic sources.
In an effort to make the import as simple as possible, I'm going to try
to get the crystals from a US source and ship them with the 2880's when
they arrive at my QTH.  

3. I've gotten lots of emails, I'll try respond personally as time
permits. Please be patient with me. I have slow fingers but I "will" get
to you. 

4. Many of you have suggested that I use http://www.paypal.com for
payment. I already have an account and I will accept payment via paypal
once I have a final price. Until that time, please don't send any money
to my paypal account. 

5. The free exchange of information via the amsat-bb allowed us to find
a source for these downconverters. Please don't forget to send a
donation to amsat to help defray costs of the updated equipment and
software. Thanks Paul Williamson! Also, thanks to Yoshihiro Imaishi
JF6BCC for helping us find a source for the 2880's in Japan! You are a
kind gentleman Yoshi.

I hope to have final numbers on Sunday night after a short telephone
conversation with Millicom. Look for more information on the Amsat-BB
then. I plan to make the first wire transfer on Tuesday afternoon to get
the ball rolling. Wish me luck....


Mark Fossum - N0NSV
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