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Re: Fw: Rotator/Elevator controled using LAN?

Now why didn't I think of that? Considering that I work in a comms research
facility that deals with optical switching networks, I guess I considered fiber
to be out of reach for the ordinary consumer. But if 10FL media converters are
now appearing on the open market at bargain prices, then 10FL to RJ45 ethernet
converters ought to do nicely.

I've been toying with the idea of digitizing the receive signal at the antenna
and transporting it to the shack via fiber. Goodbye coax. But, so far haven't
gotten any farther than thinking about it. It will probably take some pretty
fast DSP chips though...

Art, N3OY

Mike Murphree wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 19, 2001 at 07:57:05AM -0500, Art Goldman wrote:
> > Gentlemen:
> >
> > I think, before you start running your LAN up the tower to control your
> > rotators, you should consider mother nature.
> >
> > I'm building a stand-alone az-el controller using a basic stamp
> > microcontroller. While discussing this with Don, W4VQA this morning, he
> > pointed out that rotor cables are a wonderful conduit for lightning
> > surges, and that the solid state relays I'm using would be more prone to
> > failure in thunderstorms than contact relays would -- though those too
> > are susceptible. So if I get hit, hopefully the only thing to roast will
> > be my controller, and perhaps the serial port on my computer that runs
> > the tracking software.
> *Real* lightning strikes will take out much more if there is *any*
> connection to your computer. Nine years in Florida was enough to
> learn that...
> >
> > Considering all the equipment I have on my LAN, I surely don't need
> > lightning to take out all my computers and radios with one close
> > strike....what's Greek for "let the builder beware?"
> >
> > IMHO, I think this whole idea is a bit over the top. Nevertheless, some
> > of the ideas shared were very interesting and may well serve other
> > ventures.
> >
> Not really... ever heard of fiber?  I picked up some ST fiberoptic
> ethernet transceivers from the former TechAmerica ( http://radioshack.com )
> last week for $20 each. Combine those with the 30 meter cables that
> I got at a hamfest for $5 and I have a completely isolated link.
> There is a lot of potential for using some of the 1 and 2 wire bus
> transceiver/peripherals available now for control too when used
> with optoisolators.
> Mike N4CNW

Art Goldman
Logicon Contractor
NSA Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences

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