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Re: 2.4 gHzCordless Phones

At 11:36 AM 1/19/2001, Doug Braun NA1DB wrote:
>running my receiver when the microwave on.  I got pretty strong 
>interference ... shows up in SSB as a pulsating noise level (probably due 
>to the thingy in the oven that "stirs" the microwave energy).  The noise 
>blanker on my rig reduced it significantly.

I think you will find that the pulses are synchronous with the AC 
line.  One short pulse of microwave energy per AC cycle.  Therefore I 
believe it is due to the way the magnetron is powered.

I looked into this a few years back when we were designing the Globalstar 
downlink, which is also on 2.4 GHz.  I was quite worried about interference 
from microwave ovens, so we characterized it, and made sure we designed a 
front end for the handheld phone that would be able to survive it.  We 
succeeded, as microwave interference hasn't turned out to be a problem.

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