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Re: Re: Experiment with AMSAT

> AO-16, DO-17, WO-18, LO-19, IO-26...

Question for the group.  Now that several of the MFR's make ALL mode
HANDHELD receivers, this now means that with a handheld radio we can
receive the downlink of these 1200 baud satellites.  Dave KA2UPW wrote a
sound-card UPLINK Manchester encoder.  If someone would just write a PSK
sound card decoder for the downlink, then we would have 3 full time UI
digipeating satellites on orbit NOW.

Oh, the question was... do these handheld SSB receivers tune in small
enough steps to keep lock with the doppler?  Or can the yet-unwritten PSK
soundcard decoder handle 100 Hz steps?  But they probably dont hve up/dn
puttons readily accessible, so can the software writers write a PSK DSP
code that can track through at least 2 Khz of hte  3 Kz bandpass?  Still
that will require 9 QSY's of the radio at 2 KHz each... hummh...

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