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Re: Amsat Archive Search Procedure (was more filter numbers)

> > 5. Go to ftp://ftp.amsat.org/amsat/archive/amsat-bb-digest/  Be
> > patient, it takes a long time to come up sometimes.
> > 6. Since there is no search facility, download the little 5.4
> > Megabyte file that contains the 2000 archives.
> I set up a search program for the AMSAT-UK and AMSAT-NA web sites,
> and could probably add the mail archives from the FTP site as well.
>     http://www.uk.amsat.org/search/
> p.s: I thought that the AMSAT-BB stuff was on a web site somewhere as
> well in html format, is that site still running?

Doing a search on the AMSAT-UK search engine I came up with:

>> Jeff Davis, N9AVG, has been archiving the AMSAT-BB mailing list using an
>> HTML format on the AMSAT-NA ftp site. The archives can be viewed by month, 
>> author, subject or thread. Jeff has also added a search engine for doing 
>> word/phrase specific searches of the archive. Check out Jeff's work at 
>> http://n9avg.org/amsat/.

When I checked, 'n9avg.org' came up as invalid from a DNS search... What
happened to that site...?


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