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Re: RE: [DSP-RADIO] DSP radio design

> 1. RF/analogue front end. Not being an expert on RF design, I was thinking
> of doing a direct conversion from the 1GHz band (with a wideband filter
> plus LNA) down to baseband, and feeding the I/Q outputs into a two-channel
> ADC such as the AD6600 or Maxim MAX1005.  (The 1005 doesn't have as much
> dynamic range, though.) Most of the designs I've seen here have at least
> two, sometimes three mixers --- I assume this is to avoid LO feedthrough
> into later stages and the resulting intermodulation products? Is this
> desirable even if you're not doing weak-signal work? LO leakage might be
> even more undesirable in the transmitter...

What about using harmonic mixers, like in the GHz transceiver 
described in www.hamradio.si?

Aldo IZ1ANT  
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