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Drake 2880

To those wanting to buy a Drake 2880 [unmodified], I am going to
investigate making a volume buy from Millicom [If I can finance getting 100
units]. I have saved the e-mail posted on the amsat-bb to date indicating
interest.  I would like to secure about 20 orders to go ahead.

BUT, I will need to first find out the volume price, shiping cost, and
import duty.  My intension is to sell units at 10-15% over my cost plus
shipping.  I am set up for PayPal so it should be convenient to order
[cannot take credit cards directly].  I would also accept money orders and
checks [in USD].  I don't know how quick I'll be able to set this up.  I
will initiate a Fax inquiry to Millicom tomorrow.  Give me at least a week
to find out the details.

Shipping to the US would likely be minmum priority mail rate.  Shipping to
other countries will take more investigation.  I operate a part-time small
custom electronics design & fabrication business out of my home [and have a
day job], so this would not be a "group buy" but instead I would front the
cost of a volume buy.

If it proves too difficult for me to accomplish, I will post a message back
here so that you may explore another approach.

Sixty North Electronics
Nikiski, Alaska

At 11:34 AM 1/18/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>A mass order sounds like a good idea.  Is there anyone on the list willing 
>to tackle this?  I for one would be willing to throw in a few extra $ 
>"handling charge"  Please note I'm not volunteering for the job.
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>>Is someone going to make a mass order on these?  If so count me in at that
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>From: "Yoshihiro Imaishi" <imaishi@aa.mbn.or.jp>
>To: "AMSAT-bb" <amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org>
>Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 9:04 PM
>Subject: [amsat-bb] The shop that Drake 2880 available jn Japan
>> Hello All. This is Yoshi.
>> At 2001/01/18 00:00:55 Yoshihiro Imaishi wrote:
>> >   I think that some of you already tryed to contact with Millicom.
>> snip...
>>   After I posted this, I was surprised at many replies from who did not
>> know about the Millicom. Millicom is a SHF parts/units supplier in
>> OSAKA JAPAN. They are doing domestic sales.
>>   At 16th Jan., I already posted on this BB as below. Maybe some of you
>> missed this.
>> - - - - -
>> > At 2001/01/16 00:36:53 Steven Bienvenu wrote:
>> > > Could you please offer an address or web address for
>> > > Ken electronics and Millicom Corp.?
>> >
>> >   KEN does not have their own pages. We can reach them only by mail
>> > or on the phone (NO FAX on their Ad.). Their domestic shipping policy
>> > is arrival-payment only.
>> >
>> >   Millicom has. But all had written only in Japanese. And they say
>> > on the site that they do not accept any e-mail order at this time.
>> >
>> >   http://www.millicom.co.jp/
>> >
>> >   I do not know if both of them accept any international order or
>> > not. If you want to try to reach them, please e-mail me. I will
>> > tell you their mailing address or FAX numbers. I do not want the
>> > info to open.
>> >   Millcom might be the only one shop that has some 2880 stockes
>> > in Japan. So please do not buy up them and leave some for us
>> > Japanese biginners HiHi. :-)
>> - - - - -
>>   Unfortunatery, Millicom does not have web Ad. pages in English,
>> but I heard from a ham in NA that he sent FAX them and got a reply
>> by e-mail. Lets visit their web page. Even if you can not read any
>> japanese font charactors, you might found an FAX number 06-6636-****
>> on their top page.
>>   Please note that if you want to dial-in japan, please remove the
>> first ZERO. It means "Intercity Dial" so no need from outside. For
>> example if you call 06-6636-****, that is means +81-6-6636-****.
>> 81 is the country code of Japan.
>>   If you cannot send FAX, lets write to them. The mailing address
>> is;
>> Millicom Corp.
>> 2-202, Espoire-Nihonbashi,
>> 3-19-20, shimodera, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-city 556-0001 Japan.
>> http://www.millicom.co.jp/mcomhp2_001.htm
>>   They do not accept any quotation request by e-mail. But maybe
>> they will reply by e-mail if they got the first request by FAX
>> or mail (International FAX is expensive but e-mail is not). Please
>> do not forget to put your e-mail address on your letter or FAX.
>>   And you should to wait for their reply for a few days. Most
>> of us Japanese are not good in english. If the Millicom stuffs
>> good, They might put their Ad in English. Please give them enough
>> time to step-by-step translation with dictionary.
>>   Their price is based on Japanese Yen (JPY). I do not know how
>> much they will charges for abroad shipping, or what the foreign
>> currency will be acceptable (maybe US$ only). They do not accept
>> C/C payment even in domestic so please ask them first the prices
>> with shipping costs and payment method. I think the Postal Money
>> Order should be better way for us common Japanese. It is safe and
>> easy to cash at the local post office.
>>   If you will send cash by mail, please do not enclose JPY bills
>> in envelope. Enclosing JPY bills is against of japanese postal
>> law. Foreign bills is OK but maybe not so safe.
>>   For your information, domestic prices are as below;
>>   Drake 2880 unit  - JPY 3,000 each
>>   8.8125MHz Xtal   - JPY 1,200 each
>>   Model MC-251R (Modified 2880 for 2400.0->144.0) - JPY 9,800 each
>>   Domestic shipping - JPY 600 for less than 10,000 order.
>>   +5% VAT required. Millicom maybe does not have a permit of
>>    duty free export.
>>   I do not know how many units they stock. But maybe it is not
>> so short.
>> >   There is a chance for me to watch the S2-MB beacon 3 hours later
>> > - around 17:50z (2:50z local). I will try it with my modified 2880
>> > and 10ele small YAGI.
>>   I could this in this early morning Hi.
>> Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
>> mailto:jf6bcc@jarl.com
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