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CV-I info and reference website addresses

At 02:05 AM 01/19/2001 +1300, Jens Schmidt wrote:
 >Hi Scott,
 >I see in a message on the Amsat-BB that you have
 >built your own CV-I interface.
 >That is also the only way that I would be able to
 >get that working here, since Icom-NZ is only
 >interested in selling their new gear. Even to the
 >point that they suggested that I should throw away
 >a switch mode PSU for an IC 471, because the
 >controller ic had failed.
 >I have an Icom 471 and also an Icom 275, would
 >the interface you built be relevant to those at all ?
 >I would be very grateful if you were willing and able
 >to scan and E-mail any pertinent info to me.
 >73    Jens    ZL2TJT


The device I built is a clone of the Icom CT-17, which is an RS232 to TTL 
converter.  Some Icom radios also required an internal UX-14, which are a 
rare find, and most of them are already in the hands of those who need 
them.  The UX-14 is a CI-4 to CI-V interface convertor, I believe.

I recommend an excellent website of resources for the Icom CI-V system, 
which I learned about AFTER I built my interface:


The one I built is:
Interface using MAX232 IC (from the ICOM CI-V spec. 1986)

I'm about to build another design that will fit in the DB25 connector and 
does not require external power.

Good luck!

--Scott, W5WZ

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