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Re: The shop that Drake 2880 available jn Japan

Hello all. This is Yoshi.

At 2001/01/19 07:59:50 ATVQ wrote:
> Not being familiar, I would want to make sure I was ordering the right
> thing. SO - if Yoshi is listening, what do we order???
> I am thinking - the Model MC-251R (modified 2880 for 2400.0->144.0)
> Do we need the Xtal also, or is this in the modified unit?
> OR, if we want to modify ourselves we would order the Drake 2880 plus
> crystal? And the modification instructions are on the web - I know I've seen
> them.

  One of the JAMSAT-bb members reported that the stocks of MC-251R
is very few. It is just same as IF and Xtal modified 2880. I think
that the shop stuff will do it when they get order.

  You have three of choice.

(1) Order 2880 unit only - You will use it without Xtal modification
    or get a 8.8125MHz xtal from somewhere likes as ICM.
(2) Order 2880 unit and 8.8125MHz Xtal togethor - You just modifty
    IF and replace Xtal.
(3) Order a MC-251R (no need additional Xtal). No need mods.

  * But in any cases, you still need some DC power splitter. 2880
    needs +12v power on IF cable.

  For frequecy adjustment, you need some kind of signal source just
like as I did;

(Products 48 times of 50MHz. For example, 50.005MHz->2400.240MHz)

  If you can do adjustment, no need to purchase MC-251R. The mods
is easy. Please check the JN1GKZ's site.


> The exchange rate per the web site I checked today was 118.02 yen = $1 US -
> therefore the Model MC-251R would be about $83.00 US. Plus any shipping and
> tax.
> And if we wanted to modify ourselves it would be 3,000 + 1,200 = 4,200 Yen =
> $35.58 US. Plus shipping and tax.

  Sure, but note that the selling rate and buying rate is different.
If you send some money in US$, Millicom have to exchange it with
JPY at the Bank or Post office. In this case, the Bank will use buying
exchage rate.
  In the case of US$ cash, buying rate is commonly 3% or 3 Yen low
than market late. If the market rate is JPY 118.50/$, the buying
rate will be JPY 115.50/$ or less. This difference is the handling
charge of Bank.
  In the case of Money Order, the rate difference will be 1.5% or
1.5 Yen. So it is better more than cash.

  US$ is the major one so the rate difference is not so much, but
in the case of another foreign currency, the different will become
more big. For example, Austrarian $ (A$) was selling JPY 80/$ but
buying JPY 60/$ a few years ago!. Any popular currency is OK in Japan
but I think you should use US$ even if you are outside of US.

  But anyway, maybe Millicom will offer a fixed rate for international
order. Foreign market rate changes usually so maybe they will put
some margines that they cover the risk.
  Ofcouse you can purchase JPY based money order. This is another
choice without risks of foreign exchange.

  Maybe all off you will get a good response from Millicom. But if
could not, please inform me. If it will be not so many, I will plan
to keep some 2880 from them and distribute.

- -
Yoshihiro Imaishi 今石良寛  
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