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ICOM UX-14 replacement units

Bill -

There are 2 projects (one in US and other in UK) are currently in prototype
construction for a UX-14 replacement (serial connector to early Icom radio -
751, 271, 471, 1271 for Icom owners (icom@qth.net).  The processor chip used
in the UX-14 is no longer available.  Used or New old stock (NOS) units are
becoming too rare.

AMSAT members may be interested for computer control with these radios
At least 25 members of the Icom list have shown or posted interest in
purchasing these UX-14 replacements.
Please contact each amateur directly for further information.


Dan Doss kg0mm@arrl.net
I have a prototype pc board that is just about finished up. It is an exact
replacement of the original UX-14 and utilizes the same firmware and is in
all regards identical to the original unit. I do not have a 751 or other
suitable rig to verify the operation of my test unit.

If anyone would like to be a guinea pig for the testing, I will make sure
you get one of the
production units at a reduced price. It's been fun so far. The processor
used on the original UX-14 is no longer in production. This has been the
most challenging part of the project. Will keep the group informed of the
status as more is known.

73, Dan
and in the UK

Matt Jeffrey mjeffery@broadgate-uk.com

I'm working on a replacement UX-14, just writing the code for the processor
at the moment - so hopefully soon!

Does anyone have a part number or supplier of those small white 8 and 9
way connectors that go onto the logic board?  I've got something temporary
that sort of fits but is not ideal?

73s Mat G7ORR

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> Subject: [amsat-bb] ICOM UX-14 units?
> The early model ICOM IC-271/471/1271 series radios had a parallel
> computer
> interface and in order to talk to serial devices they needed a "serial
> to
> parallel converter". This was provided by the UX-14 accessory units
> which
> (sadly) now seem to be unobtainable.
> Does anyone know of a source of these units as there are still a lot of
> people using the 271/471 series radios.
> Thanks, Bill...vk3jt
> Milawa
> Australia

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