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AMSAT.ORG upgrade

The mailing lists and mail alias forwarding services on AMSAT.ORG were 
disrupted for a while yesterday and today. The hardware that runs the 
services was upgraded, and there were a few configuration issues to work 
out before things started running smoothly again. All email services, web 
pages, and FTP downloads should now be working again. Generally speaking, 
your mail should not have been lost, but merely delayed, though there may 
have been a few pieces of mail destroyed. Sorry for the interruption. We 
anticipated a much shorter interruption, and so did not pre-schedule and 
announce the outage.

The new system is faster and has a lot more free disk space. This will 
allow heavy traffic (such as we've experienced on AMSAT-BB since the launch 
of AO-40) to be handled without difficulty (I hope!) and will allow several 
enhanced services to be phased in over the next few months.

I might mention here that the new hardware was purchased using AMSAT-NA 
general funds. If you get some good out of the services offered on the 
internet by AMSAT.ORG, WWW.AMSAT.ORG, and FTP.AMSAT.ORG, you might consider 
sending in a little extra donation to help defray the expenses. Computer 
hardware is cheap, nowadays, but still not free. Send donations to:

         850 Sligo Avenue
         Silver Spring, MD  20910

         voice: +1 (301) 589-6062
           fax: +1 (301) 608-3410
         email: martha@amsat.org

73  -Paul

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