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Re: [aprssig] APRSdata update

Funny...you weren't all that receptive to that idea when I told you that
I would build support for other sats into my APRS sat tracker
software.....or that I didn't want to limit its use to just the D7 and
D700 radios.....  


Bob Bruninga wrote:
 > APRSdata predicts satellite passes and transmits them as APRS OBJECTS on
 > 144.39 to the front panel of all D7 and D700 mobiles in the area.  This
 > way mobile ops do not need any tracking software, yet their radios will
 > alert them to passes in view that they can work with the FM mobile rig.
 > See what the front panel looks like on the WEB page below.
 > But last night I realized that several people have HF rigs in their
 > vehicles and can easily receive the RS-13 and RS-15 downlinks too.  So in
 > this latest APRSdata, I have made it so you can include these in the
 > DX-LIST schedule packet separately from marking them for transmission once
 > a minute when they are in view.
 > Since these birds are in view almost twice as long as the FM birds, I
 > did not want to add additional OBJECT QRM to the channel.  But by simply
 > adding them to the once every-10 minute SAT-SKED packet, there is no
 > impact.
 > I also took new photos of the D7 and D700 to show what these objects look
 > like to the mobile operators.  THink of the front panel of these radios as
 > a TINY-WEB-PAGE viewer of real-time information.
 > See the new pages         http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/satinfo.html
 > See APRS SATELLITES       http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/astars.html
 > de WB4APR, Bob
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