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The shop that Drake 2880 available jn Japan

Hello All. This is Yoshi.

At 2001/01/18 00:00:55 Yoshihiro Imaishi wrote:
>   I think that some of you already tryed to contact with Millicom.

  After I posted this, I was surprised at many replies from who did not
know about the Millicom. Millicom is a SHF parts/units supplier in
OSAKA JAPAN. They are doing domestic sales.
  At 16th Jan., I already posted on this BB as below. Maybe some of you
missed this.

- - - - -
> At 2001/01/16 00:36:53 Steven Bienvenu wrote:
> > Could you please offer an address or web address for
> > Ken electronics and Millicom Corp.?
>   KEN does not have their own pages. We can reach them only by mail
> or on the phone (NO FAX on their Ad.). Their domestic shipping policy
> is arrival-payment only.
>   Millicom has. But all had written only in Japanese. And they say
> on the site that they do not accept any e-mail order at this time.
>   http://www.millicom.co.jp/
>   I do not know if both of them accept any international order or
> not. If you want to try to reach them, please e-mail me. I will
> tell you their mailing address or FAX numbers. I do not want the
> info to open.
>   Millcom might be the only one shop that has some 2880 stockes
> in Japan. So please do not buy up them and leave some for us
> Japanese biginners HiHi. :-)
- - - - -

  Unfortunatery, Millicom does not have web Ad. pages in English,
but I heard from a ham in NA that he sent FAX them and got a reply
by e-mail. Lets visit their web page. Even if you can not read any
japanese font charactors, you might found an FAX number 06-6636-****
on their top page. 
  Please note that if you want to dial-in japan, please remove the
first ZERO. It means "Intercity Dial" so no need from outside. For
example if you call 06-6636-****, that is means +81-6-6636-****.
81 is the country code of Japan.

  If you cannot send FAX, lets write to them. The mailing address

Millicom Corp.
2-202, Espoire-Nihonbashi,
3-19-20, shimodera, Naniwa-ku, Osaka-city 556-0001 Japan.

  They do not accept any quotation request by e-mail. But maybe
they will reply by e-mail if they got the first request by FAX
or mail (International FAX is expensive but e-mail is not). Please
do not forget to put your e-mail address on your letter or FAX.
  And you should to wait for their reply for a few days. Most
of us Japanese are not good in english. If the Millicom stuffs
good, They might put their Ad in English. Please give them enough
time to step-by-step translation with dictionary.

  Their price is based on Japanese Yen (JPY). I do not know how
much they will charges for abroad shipping, or what the foreign
currency will be acceptable (maybe US$ only). They do not accept
C/C payment even in domestic so please ask them first the prices
with shipping costs and payment method. I think the Postal Money
Order should be better way for us common Japanese. It is safe and
easy to cash at the local post office. 
  If you will send cash by mail, please do not enclose JPY bills
in envelope. Enclosing JPY bills is against of japanese postal
law. Foreign bills is OK but maybe not so safe.

  For your information, domestic prices are as below;

  Drake 2880 unit  - JPY 3,000 each
  8.8125MHz Xtal   - JPY 1,200 each
  Model MC-251R (Modified 2880 for 2400.0->144.0) - JPY 9,800 each
  Domestic shipping - JPY 600 for less than 10,000 order.
  +5% VAT required. Millicom maybe does not have a permit of
   duty free export.

  I do not know how many units they stock. But maybe it is not
so short.

>   There is a chance for me to watch the S2-MB beacon 3 hours later
> - around 17:50z (2:50z local). I will try it with my modified 2880
> and 10ele small YAGI.

  I could this in this early morning Hi.

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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