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RE: Fw: Rotator/Elevator controled using LAN?

> -Anyone- who has anything connected to the web through dsl or 
> cable modem and
> doesn't have adequate security (read firewall ) is just a 
> glutton for punishment
> , and besides , its so easy to just grab an old 486 box or 
> pentium 75 machine
> and turn it into firewall / masquerade box using Linux to 
> share your internet
> connection with .......

The tricky part is finding the correct balance between security and
functionality for your situation.  Also, since it is onten tedious to keep
upgrading packages as new security holes come out, I find it helpful to
implement active defence systems (basically, blocking anyone doing anything
"sus", such as portscanning), in addition to other good security practices.
Also has the side benefit of better logging.  Again, the software is free...

> ok ,someone bring me down to earth now .....

<grabs shotgun and aims skyward...>  You rang? ;-)
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