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Re: Fw: Rotator/Elevator controled using LAN?

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Doug Braun NA1DB wrote:

> But it would be really nice to have a simple, cheap microcontroller board
> (16F84-style) that had an Ethernet interface.  A company called
> Rabbit Semiconductor sells such a thing (along with the development
> environment and TCP.IP software library), but it's not especially
> cheap.  Check out:
> http://www.rabbitsemiconductor.com/products/rab20_tcpip/rab20_tcpip_devkit.html
> Interestingly, those Ethernet controller chips that you see on
> cheap PC networking cards only cost about $5 or so.  Thus, you
> could put together a board with, for example, a 16F874, the Ethernet chip,
> and the required glue bits for maybe $40.
> The downside is that the TCP/IP software stack and the driver code for the
> controller chip are not at all trivial.  But I bet they would be simpler
> than a USB interface.  Plus, most of it may already exist...


The world smallest web server.  Runs Java...has an ethernet
interface...speaks TCPIP...serial in/out...16 digital I/O pins...fits on a
nice 72-pin SIMM style socket.

$50 from Dallas Semiconductor - online ordering, put in your credit card
and have one tomorrow.

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