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Re: Fw: Rotator/Elevator controled using LAN?

Hi Murray,

I assume you are not going to put the network card up the tower at the rotor.

Ask yourself these questions:

How would you do it without tripling the cost of the rotor controller?
What would you gain be having 10/100 Mbits/sec bandwidth to the rotor
Why not use the MUCH simpler and cheaper serial port on the back of your
Where would you plug in the network cards on the rotor end?

Seriously, I have several computers networked together in my home.  Any of them
can control the rotor or run software on the others.  I use Linux and I'll admit
that I have a couple of Windows based machines too.  The rotor controller has a
connector on the back.  It has UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Elevation position
voltage, Azimuth position voltage, +12 VDC, and Ground.  I bought a Basic stamp
chip, four transistors, a dual channel ADC, a couple of opto-isolators, and put
them in a box for $30.00.  It plugs into a serial port on my computer.  The
commands are simple: AZ=104 EL=27<LF> and the antenna goes there.  Any computer
in the house can send that string.

I use Linux, DEC UNIX (Tru64 UNIX), Windows 95/98/NT/2000, and DOS 6.21 on the
various systems.  They communicate via Either net using TCP/IP (only).  One
Pentium 200 system does all of the satellite stuff.  The Windows systems are
great graphical terminals!

My suggestion: Get some old computers load up Linux and connect them with the
10BASE2 cards.  They will become useful again.

Good Luck,
73's de Rich @ WC8J

Current Linux uptime:   57 days 12:14:38
Record Linux uptime: 326 days  01:15:56 'till the UPS failed
Linux country.  On a quiet night you can here NT rebooting!

Murray Peterson VK2KGM wrote:

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Murray Peterson VK2KGM
> Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 3:44 PM
> Subject: Rotator/Elevator controled using LAN?
>     Has anyone tried or succeeded contoling a rotator/elevator unit by
> connect it to a Local Area Network and asigning it an IP address? I have
> some 10 Base 2 (coaxial) ethernet cards and I am thinking whether they might
> be a great way of controling a rotator/elevator unit via a single length of
> RG58. It might be a great way of being able control the rotator/elevator
> unit from several different PCs or at least have several PCs able to read
> the position information.
>     A standard LAN connection might be a good standard feature for
> rotator/elevator manufactures to include in their units.
> What do you think?
> regards,
> Murray Peterson
> Sydney, NSW,
> Australia
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