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C & KU Band Dish Thank You

   First of all I would like to thank everyone on the list that responded to
my inquiry
about the C & KU band dish I have a chance to pick up. A little history
about the dish is that it used to be operated by the Television department
at the school where I work but with the elimination of that department it
has sat unused. I have some pictures at  http://www.telmore.com/page31.html
of the dish in it's present state. Currently the Azimuth and Elevation
motors and arms are removed and new ones were bought but never installed.
Also the diameter was thought to be 25 feet but I measured it today to and
found it was only 15 feet but still for the price of removing it off the
property it seems like a good deal to me.

Thank You
Thomas Elmore, KA1NVZ

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