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RE: Fw: Rotator/Elevator controled using LAN?

Hi Murray

I have thought about this to some extent over the past few months - after
all you can buy cameras which just plug into a LAN.

You can get enough on a PIC chip to run IP over a serial PPP connection.
It's not Ethernet though.

FWIW I can control the whole of my station from the internet...

This includes antenna positions, antenna polarization, antenna selection,
preamps, audio and video feeds, and radio frequency. I run a Media Encoder
server for the audio/video and either PC Anywhere or Citrix for the control
if the automatic Wisp/WispDDE antenna & frequency tracking is not quite

Indeed during the first few weeks of AO-40 when the 2m beacon was generating
telemetry that's what I used most of the time. Left a laptop at work in one
corner permanently monitoring the whole thing, so if I wasn't too far away
from the laptop I'd know straight away if there was something that needed

But none of this is exactly what you want, even though the end result had
the desired function. A much neater solution is exactly what you suggest -
albeit with a load of computer hash at your antenna!

A less ambitious solution I've been toying with would be something like the
ICOM CI-V interface to the rotator and any other mast (or shack!) mounted
equipment (CI-V is a very low bandwidth CSMA/CD bus), and then supply the IP
interface at your computer. Indeed I run something close to this already in
order to control my antenna selection and polarizations, and the preamps,
but it's only unidirectional.

Maybe someone on the bb can give us a pointer to a three pin ethernet
interface chip and then we really can have Internet enabled preamps,
rotators and toasters. It's gonna happen one day real soon... I can already
Telnet into my house from my cellular phone and switch the lights on and
off, and put the coffee on (if I remembered to re-fill the filter that

73 Howard G6LVB

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Subject: Rotator/Elevator controled using LAN?

    Has anyone tried or succeeded contoling a rotator/elevator unit by
connect it to a Local Area Network and asigning it an IP address? I have
some 10 Base 2 (coaxial) ethernet cards and I am thinking whether they might
be a great way of controling a rotator/elevator unit via a single length of
RG58. It might be a great way of being able control the rotator/elevator
unit from several different PCs or at least have several PCs able to read
the position information.

    A standard LAN connection might be a good standard feature for
rotator/elevator manufactures to include in their units.

What do you think?

Murray Peterson
Sydney, NSW,

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