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Re: Right-sizing a sat

>From: "Edward R. Cole" <al7eb@ptialaska.net>
>To: "Robert Oler" <cvn65vf94@msn.com>
>Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] Right-sizing a sat
>Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 14:49:52 -0900
>I agree.  Of course most of the "later suggestions were tongue-in cheek".
>In reality one must be careful today about any overt or aggressive
>behaviour.  Glad you and your dad achieved success!

I knew that you thought that but I just wanted to put my thoughts down 
having accomplished something that for the last 4 years was pretty painfull.

I also dont want to leave the impression that "I" did it.  Here in the area 
of Houston where I live we mobilized the amateur community (amazing 
actually) and got hams both active and not active to get out and vote for 
association members, get their neighbors out to vote for association members 
etc who would recognize the value of amateur radio.  I was one of theleaders 
but not "the leader".  W5PH really carried the ball on this and deserves the 
lions share of credit for what we accomplished.

Its hard work but WE DID IT!!!!!

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