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Re: 2001 ARRL Handbook ($8)

And my local (SF Bay area) B+N says that they can get it at $32., but
it'd take a while.  Clearly a regional phenomena.  Is anyone willing
to pick up one of the $8.00 books for me?

73, doug

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   On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Edward R. Cole wrote:

   > Just checked their on-line store: $25.60 {20% discount}  So guess I'll call
   > a "real" store next.  For $8.00 I might buy one.
   > The 1999 CD version left me unsatisfied when compared with the ones I had
   > from another decade [1972].  It seemed much was deleted from the basic
   > theory sections I remembered, but memory can be deceiving!

   For what it's worth, I just picked one up at the B&N in Rockville, MD for
   $8.  it wasn't marked off or anything, it just rang up as $8 at the

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