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az-el rotor cost

I sent this a couple days ago, but never saw it on amsat-bb-digest.

Rip Smith wrote:

when was the last time you priced az-el rotators?

Wayne replies:

It seems like almost everybody on this list bought a G-5400 Az-El rotor.  But not all of us.  My Az-El rotors are "Orbit 360", TV antenna rotors which are now discontinued, but sold for about $45 each at my local home improvement store.  They are smaller and less powerful, but for 5 years they have been reliable for my VHF and UHF CP Yagis (10-foot booms with a 7.5 foot fiberglass cross-boom).  The azimuth rotor was a bit flaky when I added a 10-meter turnstile for a short time to work SSB on RS-15.  And now I have a 2-element 50 MHz beam on top (azimuth only) which seems a bit hard on the azimuth rotor.  The rotor doesn't need to be very powerful if the antennas are small and the load is balanced in the elevation plane.

Look for used Orbit 360 rotors.  Or buy a used Alliance U-100 or U-110 rotor which is slightly more powerful.  Any rotor will do for azimuth as long as the antennas are small.  The elevation rotor must be a design that allows you to run the mast through the middle of the rotor (such as U-100, U-110, Orbit-360).  With a little ingenuity you can have functional Az-El rotors for about 1/4 the price of the Yaesu G-5400 Az-El rotors.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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