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Re: DX

 {all previous comments deleted...just my reply, below} ;-)

The concern is that a bunch of HFer, DXer types will "invade" the
satellite's when HF conditions get bad in a couple years during the low
sunspot cycle.  I think its not likely to be a "bunch".

Most HF, DX, net, chat-QSO, whatever, hams have little interest in going
above 30 MHz [except maybe to call home on the 2m HT while commuting].  In
our local club where most of our members resemble the above, more or less,
there is a lot of groans or yawns when I want to talk about satellites,
moonbounce, or microwave.

Oh, most likely a few HF-only hams will migrate for new frontiers to
conquer, boredom with what they are doing now, or to escape the horrendous
"pileup-a-mania".  I met two hams who were rare HF-DX who moved to AO-10 in
the 1980's because of this:  Willis Island and Chatham Island.

The prevailing impression of non-satellite ops is: "its too expensive",
"its too hard", "can't talk to anyone", etc.  These misconceptions will
continue to keep many away [especially if it requires: "Oh my

So a few will show up.  They will learn about what they need to know.  We
will teach them.  Be not afraid of the "Barbarians knocking on the gates!"


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