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>MANY people informed me that I was wrong about U.S. no-code license
>privileges.  I just double-checked the U.S. Band Plan and see now that it's
>"novice" and "tech-plus" that have access to a portion of 10m phone.  And
>I'm aware that tech-plus now has "general" privileges which gives access to
>the entire 10m band and large portions of the other HF bands.

Actually, the only license classes being issued now are Technician,
General, and Extra, and the no-code Tech license has *no* HF privileges.
However (and here's where it gets really fun) if you have a CSCE for
Element 1, you are informally considered a Tech Plus and can use the
Novice/Tech subbands.  (According to ARRL-VEC and Part 97..)  Your license
will still read "Technician", but you can legally operate on the N/T
frequencies.  Pre-2000 Tech Plus licensees don't get any more privileges
from restructuring, but their HF privileges are grandfathered in, as are
Novice and Advanced licensees.  (Novices *still* don't get to use 6m, 2m,
or 440 ..)  So things are still complicated, at least until everybody

My suggestion? Take the Element 3 and get at least a General Class ticket
.. less hassle on 10 meter sideband and 40 and 80 CW ..

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