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Re: DX

Hi This is Yoshi.

At 2001/01/17 00:46:13 Rich wrote:
> When did No-Code get HF privielges
> > HF DX nowadays is as easy as it gets, even for (U.S) code-free technician
> > licensees whose only HF privilege is a portion of the 10-meter band.

  Does anything had changed?  When I got my first Novice in 1993 and
then Tech-Plus in 1994, No Code Technician class could not operate
any HF bands - only could 6m or above.
  Ofcourse, when my first QRV from GUAM in 1994, I was only Tech-plus
so I could operate very few bands. I worked only 5 on 15m Novice band
but nothing on 10m SSB. It was so sad for me, and it became the power
that put me up until the Extra class. I am happy now Hi.

  I heard that the US class had changed to only 3 classes but the
no-code policy did not changed yet. Or had it changed?

  But anyway, I agree this below;

> Satellite DX could be the next trendy "new" challenge.  Satellite
> appliances don't add that much incremental cost to the typical $10,000+
> station of a serious DXer.  Most DXers constantly crave bigger antennas and
> more power, so it's a GOOD thing that AO-40 has LEILA.

  Umm... Having LEILA is not a good thing but nessesary. If all
operators are gentle and kepp their EIRP just as enough, we can
build up our new SAT without LEILA and put some more experiment
unit, or put some more additional fuel. But in the age of AO-13,
so many stations were there whose uplink was crazy levels.
  So even if the LEILA rejects the crazy peak signals, we should not
call or answer so much strong person that had not clipped out by
LEILA, until they reduce their uplink, even if they QRV from P5
or 3Y.

# Maybe we should learn some foreign sentence that mean "Please
# Reduce your uplink! You are too much strong". The Q-code "QRP!"
# must enough for this but maybe most of us will mis-understand
# as "Oh, somebody QRP station is.". In Japanese -

  I do not want the people incoming to AO-40 DX who has only of
their HF-DX standard policy and do not understand the Sat-DX

Yoshihiro Imaishi JF6BCC/KH2GR
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