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Re: TS-2000 impressions?-> Transverter Interface

>>  I still need to determine if I can use this feature with the receive-only 
>> antenna input--this is not documented in the manual, but I don't see any 
>> reason it won't work.
>The transverter function works in the satellite mode (including sat
>and it works fine with the receive-only antenna input, but in the satellite 
>mode it does seem to limit the output power regardless if you are using that 
>port or not.  
>Jerry, K5OE

Could that be Kenwood's engineers trying to protect your transverter?  ;-)
I know my TH-79A would not let me tune anything but 438-450 before I did
the M4 wideband mod -- they seem to have a tendency to like to protect
operators from their own foolishness.  Half the neat stuff on a 79A is only
available in the app notes and *completely* undocumented in the manual.

Nice radios, all the same .. and this is a neat little trick.  Saves math
if nothing else ..

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