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Re: Right-sizing a sat

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From: "Robert Oler" <cvn65vf94@msn.com>
> I dont know about "etc" but it would/will be interesting to see exactly
> "small" antenna requirements will change the number of folks on the ham
> satellites.  I've had antennas (both VHF and above and HF in well
> military/college housing) in difficult situations and have always found
> where there was a will there was a way.  I have toyed with the idea if
> works to seeing if microwave mobile in the pickup would work.  Keeping
> antenna(s) aimed is going to be "entertaining".
Hi Robert,

I expect that it will make a big difference. Colleges and the military have
very favorable attitudes towards ham radio. I was unable to have a ham
station between the time I left college in 1973 and 1993 when I was able to
purchase a house that had no deed restrictions. The lack of antenna
restrictions is due to the fact that it was built before 1940. I've tried
negotiating with homeowner's associations in the past and they were all dead
set against transmitting antennas of any kind.

Even property with no legal restrictions doesn't eliminate problems. One of
my neighbors hates antennas. He is going to sell his house and came over to
tell me that he will sue me for the difference between the price he expects
to get and what he is able to receive for his property.



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