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Re: DX

At 01:46 PM 1/15/2001 -0600, you wrote:
>Maggie wrote:
>There's oodles of HF DX out there...I would think very few people become
satellite operators *just* because they want to work DX, without caring
*how* they do it. 
>Wayne replies:

When did No-Code get HF privielges

>HF DX nowadays is as easy as it gets, even for (U.S) code-free technician
licensees whose only HF privilege is a portion of the 10-meter band.  Five
years from now it will be much different.  10-meter DX will be non-existent
except for occasional north-south openings.  HF DX propagation above 10 MHz
will be much more difficult and will occur less often.
>I got into satellites during the last solar minimum, PARTLY because HF
DXing was so frustrating using modest antennas.  Have any old timers
observed that the "amateur public" is more interested in satellite
operating during sunspot minimums when there is less HF activity?
>We can expect a large influx of HF DXers if AO-40 somehow provides
reliable DX windows.  Serious HF DXers are compulsive gadget freaks with a
BIG budget.  Many DXers have already "worked them all", and are looking for
new challenges like IOTA, 160 meters, and WARC bands (rarely QRP).
Satellite DX could be the next trendy "new" challenge.  Satellite
appliances don't add that much incremental cost to the typical $10,000+
station of a serious DXer.  Most DXers constantly crave bigger antennas and
more power, so it's a GOOD thing that AO-40 has LEILA.
>Wayne Estes W9AE
>Mundelein, IL, USA
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